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We were introduced to Sky Couriers International in 2018, we were only setting up in Ireland and we could not offer anything at that stage, but kept their details on file. Come late 2019 and early 2020, as we started to grow, we got back in contact with Sky Couriers to see what they could offer and how we can go forward. Sky Couriers International is ideal for small cargo ,loose cartons, small pallets and ideal for special deliveries. We have found that they are quick with replying to emails and requests, as well as advising on the status of cargo, whether still delayed at GHA or the drivers eta in 15 mins. It is something small but an important touch and greatly appreciated. Their invoices are always quick and as per agreed rate so there is never an issue which is good admin. We have found Sky Couriers both reliable and professional and have never been let down by them. All in all, Cargo Partner are delighted to utilise Sky Couriers and look forward to developing the relationship and continuing to grow.

Liam Peel
National Product Manager Air Cargo
CPN Cargo Partner Network Limited


We frequently have AOG shipments and from the minute I call the out of hours number, I get a priority service, frequent updates and the assurance that the collection will be made on time so that we make the connection for the flights that we have booked . I find the staff and the management of Sky Couriers a pleasure to deal with, their readiness to help is so refreshing. The manner in which they conduct their business always gives me peace of mind, that once I book them, I know I don't have anything to worry about. In addition to their excellent service they also offer very competitive pricing.

Sandra Morrissey
Branch Manager, Eastway Global Forwarding



Sky Couriers has consistently provided us with a reliable service in delivering critical supplies in a timely fashion. I have no hesitation in recommending Keith and the team at Sky Couriers as they have proved over and over again to be reliable and highly dependable.

Victor Vargas
Commercial Manager Life Sciences &
Specialised Commodities, Agility Logistics



It was bad enough to discover that my luggage had gone astray en route to my dream vacation in Ireland but then it got worse when I found out that it actually couldn’t be located. Keith from Sky Couriers International who took charge and speedily found it in Dublin Airport before pulling out all the stops to make sure it got back to me in the shortest time possible. His reassurance on the phone did a lot to lessen my initial stress and I felt blessed by his kindness and help which made my vacation a better one. I don’t think I would have received my luggage without his help.

Denise, USA.

How we helped Denise
Denise had her luggage delayed while on vacation from America. A mix up with the airline meant they couldn’t locate her bag. We received a distressed phone call into our office and after some investigating and searching for her bag in Dublin Airport, we finally located it. Denise was informed of the good news and she was promised to have her bag back with her asap. Denise and the airline were delighted of our help.



There hasn't been a single issue, when I have used Sky Courier's same day direct service. I find it very reliable and efficient this really helps in very stressful situations.

David McDonnell
IPS The Global Freight Service



When our bags were lost in transit we were initially heading for Cork on the first leg of our honeymoon, by the time we heard they had been located we had moved on to Killarney. Of course you are so efficient that your driver was already nearly in Cork! Literally going the extra mile – 65 miles in our case – he contacted our hotel to let us know he was on the way to us and we were reunited with our bags within two hours. We were so happy and so grateful!


How we helped Dakota
Our driver was nearly in Cork at the time of this email reaching us. Despite the long day he made contact with the Arbutus Hotel in Killarney and asked them to pass on the message that he was diverting to Killarney as the guests phone was uncontactable. 65 miles and an hour and 20 minutes later the honeymoon couple were reunited with their bags. We hope they enjoyed the rest of their honeymoon in Ireland!



I just wanted to send a Thank you to Kieran who on August 3rd went out of his way to find me in Donegal to get my luggage to me. It was very much appreciated Kieran. Thank you.


How we helped Elizabeth
Kieran is a 20-year veteran with Sky Couriers, always prides himself in locating our customers even if they’re on holidays and are unsure of the exact address of where they are staying. This email proves this!



Etihad Airways in Dublin has been contracted to Sky Couriers International for 14 years as our delivery company for guests delayed baggage. I have always been pleased with the service that we receive from Sky Couriers and their professionalism and ability shown when carrying out their extremely important role in re connecting our guests with their baggage. They have always exceeded my expectations, one such time at Christmas, actually on the 22nd December 2019, we had unfortunately failed to load a container of baggage in Melbourne Australia bound for Dublin with 30 plus bags. The guests bags arrived in on Christmas eve and Sky had them all delivered across many parts of Ireland before Christmas day making sure our guests were able to give their presents on Christmas morning. Job well done and great guest recovery, you always exceed the challenges we sometimes request of you.

Darran Allen

Airport Manager Etihad Airways